The “Princess of Cyclades”, Andros Island, Greece, is one of the most scenic places in Greece. Just two hours away from Athens, Andros has gained international fame and is a popular summer resort.

Andros is a lushly-green island with mountain and coastal villages, abundant springs and beautiful beaches. A vacation in Andros Island, Cyclades Greece, is a wonderful, unforgettable experience!

It is also a common destination for architecture, art and culture lovers, thanks to the magnificent buildings, museums and the cultural events that are hosted.

Gavrio, located at the western part of the island, is the main port of Andros Island, Cyclades Greece. In Batsi, the islands most popular and cosmopolitan tourist resort, built amphitheatrically around a bay, the visitor will find beautiful sandy beaches, taverns and nightlife venues by the sea.

Chora, the island’s capital, is a beautiful area with large squares, neoclassical buildings and elegant mansions, which is proposed for early evening strolls.

Lively and vivid but simultaneously peaceful and simple, Andros, Cyclades Greece, is unforgettable.

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